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Multi Exposure Project

The choice to shoot in multi-exposure originates from the idea of telling in a different way clichés, always photographed, known to the whole world because of their historical and architectural importance. Assembling in the camera several photos, and moving synchronously to the fulcrum of the object, I managed to get a new representation of reality. It is possible from the first glance to understand that we are observing something familiar, but we need to reflect in order to find exactly the object photographed. In my opinion, this is the decomposition of the visible with a subsequent assembly in which, by working on the geometries the environment changes. Later I adapted the same technique to other situations where people and objects are portrayed at the center of the scene. With greater attention, and working on the distances between a picture and the next one, I have limited the deformation to the advantage of the recognizability of the subject-object. We can define this, a new perception of reality, in which the photos are the result of the “stratification” of numerous pictures.

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